12 Exercises That You Can Do With A Pull Up Bar


Are you considering installing a pull up bar, but wondering about the type of exercises you can perform with it? You may be familiar with chin-ups and pull ups, but you can also achieve many other kinds of activities with a home pull up bar installed in your home. These moves can drastically strengthen your backbone, help build your biceps, and transform your shoulders into muscle blocks.

Here is a list of the 12 best exercises you can perform with your ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar in Singapore.

Pull Ups


Pull up is more of a singular exercise since there are no other similar exercises to it. It is a complicated exercise that involves working most body parts. However, the major benefit of this exercise is that it promotes a healthy back. All you need to do is hold your wall mounted or ceiling pull up bar with both of your palms while facing the opposite direction. This is to ensure that you make a wider grip than your shoulder-width apart. Then, pull yourself up slowly but steadily until your chin is directly above the bar. Afterward, lower your body slowly.

Hanging Knee Raises


Carefully hang onto your ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar using the overhand grip, then slowly but steadily lower your knees such that they lie parallel to the ground. Repeat this by lowering them once again. The secret to getting the most out of this exercise is to keep your movements slow but steady.

Hanging Leg Raises


Although hanging knee raises can be quite challenging to perform, make sure that you include them in your workout routine. Using the overhand grip, hang directly from your ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar whilst also maintaining your legs together and fully extended. After that, extend both of your legs until they are level to the ground surface and lower your legs slowly. Do not continue the knee raise workout if you weaken every time you perform a set.

Muscle Ups

Indeed, muscle ups are the most impressive exercises someone can perform with their installed pull up bars. To effectively perform muscle-ups, tart with a pull up such that your chest reaches the bar. Once the trunk hits the bar, slowly pull yourself towards the bar such that your body is in a dip position. Then, slowly lower yourself down but make sure to remain in control.



Although it is easy to confuse L-sits with parallel bar exercises, there is a vast difference between them. L-sits involves using a pull up bar or chin up bar to increase core strength. Using both of your hands, grab on to your pull up bar while simultaneously raising both of your legs such that they are parallel to the ground. Then, instead of lowering yourself down as you would when performing a hanging leg raise, remain in the fixed position and then release.

Ordinary Chin Ups


The primary objective of ordinary chin ups is to enhance muscle endurance through a slower chin up speed. If you do not make it by the first trial, relax, drop and shake your arms before resuming the exercise. Remember, training for endurance demands dedication and willpower. Although it is pretty challenging to force yourself to maintain working out, you must compel your body to perform at least four chin ups with your professionally installed pull up bar before relaxing.

One Arm Chin Ups


Properly performing out a one-arm chin up exercise can bring about enhanced bicep strength. This is because it helps develop your muscles through various movements. You can do this by grasping your wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull up bar while maintaining a close grip with your palms facing the opposite side of the bar. Once you reach the top, apply pressure on your biceps to strengthen them and promote fatigue resistance.

Static Hang


This exercise is considered the best way to start your training. Simply hold your ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar with an overhand grip and ensure that your palms are facing away from you. Gauge yourself to determine how long you can sustain holding it. This is to drastically improve your grip strength so that you can perform better on other sets. After that, try to raise yourself such that your arms are partially locked to help strengthen your arms and biceps.

Leg Raises


Performing leg raises on your chin-up bar is like having an advanced chin-up workout. All you need is to hold your body in a rigid position while maintaining a firm grip on your installed pull up bar. Bend your knees slowly and at the same time, raise your legs higher. Then, lower your legs back down and repeat the procedure a few times. By doing this, you activate your lower abdominal muscles. Thus, make sure to give this exercise a high priority.

Close Grip and Wide Grip Chin Ups

This is a fantastic progression exercise that makes it possible to achieve your full pull up potential and strengthen your grip strength. You can either work with the close underhand grip or the wide overhand grip but make sure to jump so that your hands will grasp at the uppermost side of your installed pull up bar while you level your chin at an equal height with the bar. Taking control of your arms, slowly but steadily lower your arms until they are fully straightened. The secret about achieving incredible results with this exercise is to do it in an organized and slow manner.

Side Crunch


Performing side crunches mainly boosts torso and abdomen static strength. Do this by hanging onto your ceiling mounted or wall mounted pull up bar and then lift both of your legs while separating them side by side. Maintain this for about six seconds and repeat the process for another six seconds.

Toes to Bar


Although toes to bar is among the most challenging abs exercise you can ever engage in, it has the most astonishing results. To maintain a still and rigid body, apply a firm forearm grip. Alongside this, let both of your legs remain straight while trying to raise them towards your home’s pull up bar.


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