6 Advantages of Installing A Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar In Your Home


If you plan to build a tiny home gym so that there can be no more excuses for not working out regularly and achieving a fitter and healthier body, you might need different types of gym equipment. One of them being a wall mounted pull up bar. Here are the advantages of installing this pull up bar:

1. Safety and reliability

Purchasing wall mounted pull-up bars from Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore guarantees the best and most durable equipment. We have pull-up bars mounted against the wall using 6-8 thick and long bolts that are stable, solid, and can even hold as much as 800 pounds.

We also offer pull-up bar installation services to make sure that your wall mounted pull up bar is very sturdy and can withstand just about anything.

2. More intense workout


Wall mounted pull-up bars do not require much space and can be easily installed in the smallest home gym or any little area in your home. Moreover, they will allow you to enjoy an intense workout routine like you would have in a regular gym. You will not have to worry about visiting the gym anymore, as you can enjoy the same result by working out at home.

3. Freedom of movement


Another benefit of wall mounted pull up bars is that you can use them outdoors and indoors. Although you might have to make specific arrangements and adjustments to transport them, they will allow you the freedom to workout wherever you want. It certainly feels great to enjoy some fresh air while exercising outside. On days when the weather is not favourable however, you can simply work out indoors.

4. Better muscle strength development

If your goal is to strengthen your muscles, chin up bars and pull up bars are the best equipment to install. A wall mounted pull-up bar allows you to enjoy various gripping positions, which target different muscle areas. It even helps develop your forearm strength and grip. Using a wall mounted pull up bar, you eventually will be able to grow muscle and strength.

5. More workout variety


Certain types of pull up bars come with different kinds of inbuilt grips. You can come up with various angles and thus enjoy so many different types of workouts.

If you browse through the Pull Up Bar Pro range, you will undoubtedly be glad to see that some of our sets even come with a dip station that will train your triceps and chest and your back. We also offer you such fantastic equipment at a very reasonable rate.

6. Convenience

Once a wall mounted pull up bar has been installed in your home, you have the chance to do muscle-ups and various other exercises right from the comfort of your home. When you know you can wake up and straight away start working out without even having to step out, you will never want to skip exercising even one day. Since you will not have to go out, you will save time as well.


Wall mounted pull up bars provide many advantages in supporting your physique transformation throughout. Installing one in your home also provides convenience and easier access for exercising. If you plan to install a wall mounted pull up bar in your home, contact Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore to avail of our pull up bar installation services.

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