Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore

Here at Pull Up Bar Singapore, we provide and install various types of home pull up bars for your fitness needs.

We specialise in helping our clients choose the perfect home pull up bar and chin up bar that are equipped with various features to satisfy their workout needs.


Our Guarantee

Dedicated premium services

We ensure the products we bring in are the best quality for you!

Experienced Installers

Our team of installers have years of experience in wall mounting installations.

Flawless Installation

Our team of professional installers ensure quality and flawless installation for your home pull up bar!

Why Choose Us


Our knowledgeable customer service are ready to provide recommendations for your pull up bar needs. From multi-grip pull up bar to heavy duty pull up bars, we are ready to advise you which pull up bar is best suited for your workout routine!

Say goodbye to unstable pull up bars. Our experienced team are equipped with professional tools and expertise to safely mount your home pull up bar. Enjoy your workout sessions without fearing instability with our premium products and sturdy installation.

We bring in only the best products for you. With our premium range of heavy duty pull up bars, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact Us Now

Do you have any questions regarding our pull up bar installation services? Give us a call at +65 3158 2458, WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032, or email us at enquiry@pullupbarpro.com. For other repair and maintenance works please visit our resources page.


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