Benefits of a Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Most Singaporeans are unable to find time in their busy schedules to visit the gym to work out. As a result, they prefer to have a pull up bar installed in their home. Though pull up bars come in many different types, most experts recommend having a wall-mounted pull up bar installed.

Wall-mounted pull up bars are known to provide many benefits. Some of these include the following:










Unlike door pull up bars, wall-mounted pull bars are known to be incredibly stable. In fact, they can support a larger amount of weight without breaking. As such, you can use them for vigorous exercises as well as attach any other heavy equipment onto them.

Because a wall-mounted pull up bar is rather bulky, it might be best to hire a professional to install it for you. Take note that installing a pull up bar yourself may cause you to sustain unwanted injuries.


Lower risk of damage








Because of its durable material, a wall-mounted pull up bar is less likely to damage the structural parts of your home. Moreover, it is not as delicate when compared to a door pull up bar (which can only support weights of up to 120 kg). In fact, a wall-mounted pull up bar can better withstand a great amount of force even when dynamic exercises are being conducted.


Convenience and safety








Even though they are often advertised as being inexpensive and easy to install, door pull up bars present many risks. For one, they can easily get dislodged while being used and can therefore cause unwanted injuries such as head and spine injuries. They also tend to be made from cheap materials and are prone to breaking. Door pull up bars are also severely limited in that they can only go as high as your door. As such, the exercises you can execute would be limited.

In contrast, wall-mounted pull up bars when installed provide more safety and convenience. As mentioned, they are known to be highly stable. For this reason, you can use them without having to worry about sustaining critical injuries should they become loose. Wall-mounted pull up bars can also be installed at any position and location thereby allowing you to perform a wider range of exercises.



If you are thinking of having a wall-mounted pull up bar installed, contact Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore today. We have a team of professionals who have the right amount of experience to install your newly-bought pull up bar safely. As a result, you can immediately begin your exercise routine without having any major concerns regarding safety.


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