Different Types of Chin Up Bars


A chin up bar is a prevalent piece of equipment that you are most likely to see when you visit a gym. This equipment helps you do various body weight and core exercises just like many other pull up bar products. You can also incorporate this with other accessories if you want to perform many exercises.

If you plan to create a home gym, investing in a chin up bar is a wise idea. However, you must know the different varieties available before buying any pull up bar or chin up bar to make sure that you get one that matches your requirements perfectly.

Here are the different types of chin up bars in Singapore:

Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar


A wall-mounted chin up bar offers versatility and durability. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you are serious about fitness. Like a ceiling mounted pull up bar or chin up bar, however, it will need to be permanently installed which will require your wall to be strong enough to withstand stress considering that some holes have to be drilled.

When having this chin up bar installed, make sure to take the proper measurements for clearance and spacing so that it becomes easy for you to practice various kinds of exercises without causing any damage.

You may browse through the different models of wall mounted chin up bars available at Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore. With the many choices that we offer, you can determine the specific equipment you would like to use in your home gym. Once you find the right one, you can hire one of our professionals to install it for you. Thus, you will get perfect equipment and perfect installation, with nothing to worry about at all.

Ceiling Mounted Chin Up Bar


If the area where you are planning to build your home gym has a high and well-built ceiling, then you can opt for a ceiling mounted chin up bar.

What is great about this type of chin up bar is that, like many types of pull up bars, it is very versatile. In case you are not making use of the chin up beams, you can place a heavy-duty suspension system or punching bags and many others. Just make sure the connection of your fitness bar frame is durable and robust.

Joist Mounted Chin Up Bar


If you plan to install a joist-mounted chin up bar, then you require a raftered ceiling. However, the joist has to be very solid and exposed. Such chin up bars can be installed in unfinished rooms with ceiling rafters or even in a garage.

Like a ceiling mounted pull up bar, a joist-mounted chin up bar offers enough space to enjoy various exercises. Although you will have to jump when using it. Nevertheless, it is ideal for those who want to take their workout to a more intense level.

Free Standing Chin Up Bar


This chin up bar has a highly versatile design unmatched by most pull up bars you can buy for your home, with a high bar situated on top and handles present near the waist. The entire frame of this free-standing equipment can hold your total body weight. Thus, you will be able to practice your exercise without needing the machine to be bolted onto any surface.

Like a multi grip wall mounted pull up bar, this equipment will require a lot more space, but it can prove beneficial because there are many exercises you can do using it. For this reason, you can customize your workouts and perform as many as you want.


Nowadays, having to do everything in your home is one of the best options – from doing your jobs to self-care. Many gym-goers want to set up a home gym if they have no time to go to the gym. That said, this plan requires much investment in your money and time, and you must prioritize having types of equipment. If you are planning to have your home gym and cannot decide what kind of chin up bar you will have, call Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore to avail of our chin up bar and pull up bar installation services.

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