How to Select The Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


More and more Singaporeans are building home gyms to stay fit even if they do not have the time to visit a gym regularly. One of the pieces of equipment you are sure to find in almost every home gym is an installed pull up bar.

A wall mounted pull up bar helps you practice a variety of exercises and stay fit. There are so many types of wall mounted pull up bars; how do you find the ideal one for you among these?

Here are a few factors to consider when finding the best wall mounted pull up bar in Singapore:



Location is a significant thing to consider when buying a wall mounted pull up bar since it will be installed permanently. See to it that when installing your newly bought wall mounted pull up bar, it matches and fits perfectly with your chosen location. You also need to make sure that the equipment is compatible with the type of wall you have. Ceiling height must be considered as well so that you do not end up knocking your head against the bar.

Weight Capacity


Every pull up bar type has a specific weight capacity. Keeping your requirements in mind, you might want to opt for one that offers 400 -500 lbs capacity so that it is strong enough to support anyone that uses your equipment.


Various pull up bars for the home are portable, making them extremely easy to carry no matter where you go. That said, opting for one permanently fixed to your wall is much more advisable since you will not have to transport it from place to place.



Wall mounted pull up bars are made using heavy-duty metal. This makes them extremely durable and provides you with guaranteed as well.

Furthermore, many of those sold in the market are constructed such that they can be installed alongside other types of gym equipment. For instance, some wall mounted pull up bars come with an eyelet hole that allows punching bags to be hung.

All wall mounted pull up bars available at Pull Up Bar Pro are made using only the best materials so that your safety is ensured. We also offer pull up bars that include a dip-station to allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises.

Bar Length

When selecting a wall mounted pull up bar, you must consider the bar length so that you can grip properly. Many wall mounted pull up bars have a length of 24 inches whilst others measure 46-48 inches. For convenience, it will be best to go for a bar measuring more than 32 inches.

Bar Diameter


Bar diameter must also be taken into consideration when selecting a wall mounted pull up bar to install in your home. It is recommended that you go for one that has a diameter of more than 1 inch to ensure you do not end up hurting your hands when gripping. Also remember not to choose a pull up bar with uncoated grips to minimize the chance of injuries while you work out.



For wall mounted pull up bars, there are two kinds of pads available to select from namely two elbow pads and a single back pad. Remember to check the handle grips’ thickness and make sure it offers you enough traction to support your hands.

Anchor Points

Pull up bars are mounted to studs in the walls. To be able to hold a good amount of weight, the anchor points need to be strong.

Ease of Installation


You can certainly install a wall pull up bar on your own, but you have to make sure to do it correctly. Taking the correct measurements is necessary as is installing the bar in the right place and using the proper procedures. Otherwise, you could end up hurting yourself later on.

If you experience even the slightest confusion about the installation process, you should opt for hire a professional to install your pull up bar for you. At Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore, not only do we offer the best collection of wall mounted pull up bars for you to choose from, we shall even install the equipment for you efficiently and securely.

Our experts will check your walls first, then install the pull up bar if it is suitable. You can start using your equipment right after installation and need not have any safety concerns at all.


To have an authentic gym feel without ever leaving your home, installing a wall mounted pull up bar is highly recommended. Wall mounted bars give you more flexibility, so make sure to choose the best one for your home. To receive efficient pull up bar installation services, contact Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore.

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