Heavy Duty Wide Pull Up Bar

$220Price inclusive of delivery and installation

Weight capacity: 150kg

Types of grips: Wide grip, narrow grip, neutral grip

Bar length: 140cm, width 84cm, bracket 78cm

Bar material: heavy duty steel with matte black paint coating

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Grip options

Our wide grip pull up bar has a length of 140cm and 84cm width, allowing you to perform various types of pull up grips such as: wide grip pull ups, narrow grip pull up, neutral grip pull up and chin up.


Grip width


140cm bar width allows various width grips, allowing you to use any pull up grip at your own comfort.


Types of exercises

wide pull ups, narrow pull ups, neutral pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, hanging crunches, negative pull ups, flex hang.


Targeted muscles

core, lats, shoulders, chest, biceps, forearm.




The pull up bar is made from thick, durable steel and coated with matte black paint for ultimate smooth comfort.


Installation service

Our prices includes delivery and installation services. Our experienced team of installers guarantee professional and flawless pull up bar installation. Enjoy fuss-free booking with our fast response customer service team via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032.