Multi Grip Door Pull Up Bar

$130 – Price inclusive of delivery and installation

Weight capacity: 160kg

Types of grips: Wide grip, narrow grip, hammer grip

Bar width: 105cm 

Bar material: heavy duty steel with foam padded grips

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Grip options

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  • Enjoy maximum comfort. Our pull up bar features 12 padded foam grips, allowing you to grip the pull up bar comfortably while preventing callouses and blisters.
  • Wide grip, narrow grip pull up and chin up, neutral grip pull ups.


Grip width
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  • 105cm(wide), 85cm(standard), 37cm (narrow/neutral)


Types of exercises


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  • wide pull ups, narrow pull ups, neutral pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, hanging crunches, negative pull ups, flex hang.
Targeted muscles
  • core, lats, shoulders, chest, biceps, forearm.
Installation service

Our prices includes delivery and installation services. Our experienced team of installers guarantee professional and flawless pull up bar installation. Enjoy fuss-free booking with our fast response customer service team via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032.