Strength Training Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

$170 Price inclusive of delivery and installation

Weight capacity: 130kg

Types of grips: 3 types of grips: hammer, wide, narrow.

Bar length: Length 115 cm, height 37 cm, depth 58 cm

Bar material: Steel bar frame, polyurethane handle grips


Grip options


Overhand, underhand, wide, narrow, neutral


Grip width

Bar length: 115cm.


Types of exercises


Overhand pull up, underhand pull up, narrow grip pull up, wide grip pull up, neutral pull up and chin ups.


Targeted muscles

Biceps, back, shoulders, pecs and abs




Ultra-durable and rigid frame made from 100% steel allows steady pull ups for strength training enthusiasts. Polyurethane grips allow maximum comfort and grip.




The pull up bar can be folded up against your wall once you are done with your workouts, for maximum compactness.


Installation service

Our prices includes delivery and installation services. Our experienced team of installers guarantee professional and flawless pull up bar installation. Enjoy fuss-free booking with our fast response customer service team via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032.