Pull Up Bar Buying Guide


Pull Up Bar Types



Door pull up bar

  • This home pull up bar is attached to the door through a telescopic frame or a bolted beam. It is a common option as it does not require drilling and is easily removable, hence taking up less space at home. Door pull up bars are also commonly sold at a low price and can accommodate users of various heights.
  • However, door pull up bars may be less sturdy than wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling pull up bar and may snap, causing injury. It can also cause damage to weak door frames.


Wall mounted pull up bar

  • Wall mounted pull up bars are attached to the wall by drilling the support brackets onto the wall. Wall mounted pull up bars are more complicated to install as it requires precision and accuracy. Therefore, experts recommend hiring professional pull up bar installation services to mount your pull up bar as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Wall mounted pull up bars are an ideal option for those who prefer a sturdier pull up bar. This is because wall mounted pull up bars typically have higher weight capacity, as compared to door pull up bars. However, wall mounted pull up bars are not recommended for those who do not wish to drill permanent holes in their wall.


Ceiling pull up bar

  • Ceiling pull up bars uses support brackets attached to the ceiling. As such, they take up less space and are thus highly ideal for smaller apartments. However, mounting is tricky and requires the help of professional installation services to prevent injury.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Pull Up Bar








Weight capacity

  • Durability and safety are critical factors when choosing a pull up bar. A heavy duty pull up bar typically has higher weight capacity. Make sure to check the weight limit when buying a pull up bar to ensure that it supports your weight. Doing so will lower the risk of damage to the pull up bar and injuries.

Grip variations

  • Most pull up bars have rubber grip pads added to improve your comfort when performing pull ups. Multi grip pull up bar options allow users to perform multiple exercises with the help of the multiple bar grips. For instance, some pull up bars have hammer grips that allow you to do neutral grip pull ups. To ensure your pull up bar satisfies your workout routine needs, ensure that you take into factor the types of grips available.


Before you choose a pull up bar, ensure that you take into consideration the various features of a pull up bar. Doing so will give you better satisfaction and allows you to perform your workouts to your maximum capacity. If you are looking for a professional to install your home pull up bar, contact Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore. We offer a wide variety of pull up bars with installation services for utmost convenience.


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