Pull Up Bar Services

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Our customer service team are ready to provide expert advice to help you choose the right pull up bar for your home.

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Buy, deliver and install your home pull up bar all at once. WhatsApp our customer service for fuss-free booking.

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Pull Up Bar Services


Pull Up Bar Services

Buy, deliver and install your home pull up bar all at once. Our pull up bar prices are inclusive of installation and delivery. Whatsapp our customer service for fuss-free booking.

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Chin Up Bar Services

We provide installation services for your pull up bar / chin up bar.

Our Holistic Pull Up Bar Installation Service

1. Choose your pull up bar

Unsure which pull up bar is best for you? Our knowledgeable customer service team are ready to provide recommendations for your home pull up bar needs.

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Our customer service team will arrange and book an appointment for delivery and installation for you at the most convenient timing available.

3. Pull up bar installation

Our professional and experienced team of installers will safely install your home pull up bar.

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Our after-sales support team are ready to follow-up on your needs if you require any further assistance or encounter any issues after the installation.

Our Pull Up Bar Installation Works


Three common types of pull up bars in Singapore are door pull up bars, wall mounted pull up bars and ceiling mounted pull up bars.

Door pull up bars: Door pull up bars are the most affordable option, and is preferred by many as it is removable and does not take up much space in the house. However, door pull up bars have a higher risk of damage as it may snap and cause injury to the user. It can also break your home’s door frame if the door frame is old or weak.

Wall mounted pull up bars: Wall mounted pull up bars attach to any wall through support braces. It has a larger weight capacity, thus accommodating to users of various sizes. Due to its larger weight capacity, the material of the bar is more sturdy, making it  a safe and solid option for those who want to perform vigorous workouts.

Ceiling mounted pull up bars: Ceiling mounted pull up bar are attached to the ceiling by drilling its support brackets. They take up less space compared to door mounted pull up bar and wall mounted pull up bars, and is ideal for smaller apartments or flats. Those who prefer not to drill holes in your wall should consider this option.

No, there is no difference between a chin up bar and pull up bar. Both are the same types of equipment. The difference lies between the exercise itself.

Pull Ups

  • Grip: Pull ups are performed with the hands gripping the bar facing towards the user
  • Muscle development: shoulders, lats, back

Chin Ups

  • Grip: Chin ups are performed with the hands gripping the bar facing forward, away from the user
  • Muscle development: Core, pectorals, biceps, forearms, lats