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Types of Pull Up bar


Door mounted pull up bar 


Door mounted pull up bars can be installed without professional help. It is attached to the door through a telescopic frame or a bolted beam. As it is removable, you can set them aside after your workouts. 

Commonly sold at a low price, the door-mounted pull up bar is a common option as it does not take up much space. It is recommended to those who do not want to make a permanent drilling in their walls and do not want to clutter their homes with exercise equipment. 

However, door mounted pull up bars have disadvantages. If the door frame is weak, the pull up bar may damage the structure of the door frame. If the weight capacity of the pull up bar is exceeded, the pull up bar may snap, risking injury.


Wall mounted pull up bar 

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Wall mounted pull up bars attach to any wall through support braces. It is ideal for those who intend to share their exercise equipment with others as it has a larger weight capacity, thus accommodating to users of various sizes. 

Wall mounted pull up bars are considered more stable and poses a lower risk of damage or injury, compared to door mounted pull up bars. However, it is not recommended for those who have elegant walls as it is not removable and may interfere with the aesthetics of the home. Their support brackets will also require rebolting and screwing in case they loosen.


Ceiling mounted pull up bar 


Ceiling mounted pull up bar uses support brackets attached to the ceiling through drilling. They take up less space and is ideal for smaller apartments or flats, especially for those who prefer not to drill holes in your wall. 

However, mounting a ceiling mounted pull up bar may be risky and dangerous, hence you should hire a professional to install one for you.

If you are still unsure of which pull up bar to buy or what to look out for when choosing a pull up bar, here are some features you should consider before purchasing a pull up bar.


Features to Consider Before Buying a Pull Up Bar 


Weight capacity 

The durability and safety is critical in a pull up bar. It should not swing when being used; otherwise, your wall, ceiling, or doorframe could sustain damage. To determine whether a pull up bar is stable enough, make sure to look at its weight capacity. A pull up bar with the proper weight can benefit you in case you need to use other heavy equipment while exercising. 

There are various models of pull up bars catering to varying weight ranges. Ensure that you choose a pull up bar that can accommodate to your weight. 


Grip width


Pull up bars come in various beam width that caters to various exercises. For instance, multi grip pull up bars allow users to perform wide grip pull ups, close grip pull ups and hammer grip pull ups. If you are a casual user and are only looking to perform basic pull ups, then a basic wall mounted pull up bar would be ideal for you. 


Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Professional to Install Pull Up Bar


Contractor is equipped with proper tools

Proper equipment is important as it ensures the installation goes smoothly and efficiently. Without proper tools to install the pull up bar, the job could take much longer than normal and may not be up to proper standards. Hiring a professional to install your pull up bar will ensure that you will not run into issues during installation.


Check the reviews of the contractor

Reviews can be useful as they would be posted by people who have engaged the services of the contractor. A reputable contractor should have good reviews from customers, as it is a proof of the  quality of their services.


Ask for recommendations from friends or family

Recommendations from people around you who have engaged service to install a pull up bar or chin up bar can be very useful. They would be able to provide you with clear descriptions of the work the professionals do.


Make sure the contractor provides a quote

Reputable contractors readily provide quotes as they are experienced. The quotations should also be transparent so that you know exactly what you are paying for. This ensures that you are not charged more than you should be paying for when wanting to install a wall-mounted or ceiling pull up bar.


Opt for contractors with a warranty

Many reputable contractors will have warranty or refund guarantee in the event that the work done installing your wall-mounted pull up bar was not satisfactory. This ensures that their work is always up to standard and if it is not, you would be able to get a refund.


Things to Consider When Installing a Home Pull Up Bar

wall-mounted-multi-grip-pull-up-bar-pull-up-bar-installation-pull-up-bar-pro-singapore-hdb-choa-chu-kang (2)

Many people opt to install a pull up bar at home as it is affordable, extremely convenient for quick workouts on top of needing minimal maintenance. We will go through some things to note when installing a home pull up bar so that you will be better equipped.


Ceiling Height

Ensuring there is enough space between the ceiling and pull up bar is important as it significantly reduces the risk of injury during a workout. The recommended distance between the chin up or pull up bar to the ceiling is 50 cm. The user should also be 15 cm off the floor to be able to lift themselves up comfortably.


Installation Tools


It is vital to have the right tools so that installation will go smoothly. Some tools you would require are a wire detector, stud finder, pipe finder, and electric drill. On top of that, the drill bit used must also be of the correct size.


Type of wall


For safety, it is only recommended to mount pull up bar on concrete or brick walls. Other walls such as dry walls are not as solid and may not be able to hold the weight of your pull up bar. Your wall can also sustain damage if it is not strong enough to be drilled on.


Areas to Be Drilled


Inspect the area to be drilled as well as behind the walls with a stud finder so that you do not drill into concealed pipes, wires, or studs. If you do not have the equipment, it is recommended to hire a professional to install your pull up bar.



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