Things To Consider When Installing a Home Pull Up Bar


Many people prefer to install a pull up bar in their home since it is affordable, requires little maintenance, and is extremely convenient. That said, there are certain things to consider when having a pull up bar installation done in your home. By taking note of these, you can ensure that your home pull up bar installation is correctly done and safe to use so that you can enjoy its many benefits.


Ceiling Height








Pull ups require holding on to the wall-mounted pull up bar and lifting oneself off the ground. As such, you need to ensure that there is enough space between the ceiling and your equipment when installing a ceiling pull up bar. Doing so will help guarantee your safety and prevent any head injuries.

Experts say that there should be a distance of at least 50 cm between the chin up or pull up bar and the ceiling. In addition, there should be a space of at least 15 cm from the floor so that the user can lift himself or herself comfortably.


Installation Tools











Besides safety gear, it is also important to prepare the tools needed for installing your wall or ceiling pull up bar. Normally, some of these tools depend on the set up location. For instance, a pull up bar which will be set up near the bathroom may require the use of a wire detector, a stud finder, and a pipe finder.

When it comes to drilling holes for your wall-mounted or ceiling pull up bar, it is best that you use an electric drill. Make sure that the drill bits you use are big enough for the screws that come with your equipment. Besides screws, your pull up bar might also come with nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. However, you should prepare additional fasteners just in case you may need them.


Wall Type

How stable your newly-bought pull up bar will be depends on the specific type of wall you have. If your home is made up of dry walls for instance, they may not be able to accommodate the weight of your equipment. Experts recommend installing pull up bars on hard surfaces such as concrete or brick walls to prevent them from becoming loose. This also helps lower the risk of wall damage and accidents taking place as well.


Areas To Be Drilled








Before drilling holes to install your pull up bar, you should inspect the areas where you intend to drill to ensure that no hidden pipes, wires, or studs will be affected. Otherwise, you might end up causing major electrical or plumbing damage which will be expensive to fix. If you are unsure about how to conduct this process, you should hire a professional to install your pull up bar instead.



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