Types of Pull Up Bars


Pull ups should be a part of your regular exercise routine. This is because they strengthen and shape the muscles on the back, arms, chest, and hips. In fact, continuous pull up exercises will improve agility and flexibility. For your exercise goals to be very fruitful, pull ups are a must.

Though mostly beneficial, pull ups can be dangerous when done incorrectly. Common injuries sustained from wrong execution of pull ups include fatigued biceps or triceps, awkward body position, and sore wrist, hands, and fingers.

In order for you to do pull ups safely, it is recommended that you have pull up bars installed either wall mounted or ceiling mounted as they are more stable.

The following are the most common types of pull up bars in Singapore:


Door Pull Up Bar


A common option of home pull up bar installation is the door pull up bar. This equipment is not known to take much space since it is attached to the door through a telescopic frame or a bolted beam.

Like other types of home pull up bars, door pull up bars can be installed without professional help. Moreover, they are removable so that you can set them aside after exercising.

This type of pull up bar is commonly sold at a low price and is usually preferred by those who would rather not clutter their homes with exercise equipment. Since its height is dependent on how big one’s door frame is, it can accommodate users from all heights.

Notwithstanding their benefits, door pull up bars have their own drawbacks. Certain models do not include rubber grips which are essential in  making the user feel comfortable. Furthermore, they are likely to bend or snap and can damage the structure of your door frame.


Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


As the name implies, wall mounted pull up bars attach to any wall (be it wood or cement). The beam is mounted through the support braces protruding on each end.

Installing a wall mounted pull up bar by yourself or with the help of professional pull up bar installation services is ideal if you intend to share your exercise equipment with others. This is because it has a larger weight capacity and can accommodate users of various sizes.

Wall mounted pull up bars share similar benefits as that of door pull up bars. However, they also have some disadvantages. For one, they are not removable and are thus less suitable for elegant or grandiose masonry walls. Their support brackets will also require rebolting and screwing in case they loosen.


Ceiling Pull Up Bar


Ceiling pull up bars are what you need if you prefer not to drill holes on your doorframe or wall. As the name implies, this type of pull up bar uses support brackets attached to the ceiling. They are take up less space and are thus highly ideal for smaller apartments or flats. On the other hand, mounting them can be quite tricky since their height is dependent on how far the ceiling is from the floor. As such, you might need a tall ladder to install it. Otherwise, try obtaining adjustable support brackets.


Which is The Best Pull Up Bar for Beginners?

To be able to execute pull ups comfortably, it is essential that you purchase the right pull up bar for you. If you are living with two or more persons who also do exercise, you may want to hire a professional to install a pull up bar in your home that is wall-mounted. But if you happen to have a weak doorframe, then having ceiling pull up bars might be the better option.



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